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Digital Citizenship

Long Beach Unified School District

Division of Student Support Services


Online Student Behavior Expectations and Digital Citizenship

The Long Beach Unified School District is committed to supporting students’ safety and wellbeing in all educational settings (virtual and in-person).  During the period of distance learning, all expectations for student behavior still apply.  

All school behavior norms and rules must be followed just as expected in the regular educational setting/classroom.  It is important that students know, understand, practice, and model positive and productive behaviors when participating in class and online. 

Be Ready to Learn

  • Choose a distraction-free workspace and be mindful about keeping distractions to a minimum, remembering that everyone can see you.

  • Have all texts and materials readily available at the start of class.

  • Look into the camera, test your microphone and show you are engaged during the session by responding and participating.

Be Respectful

  • Follow the LBUSD Code of Conduct. (Displaying or sharing material that is hate speech, sexually explicit, or violent, bullying in any form, including cyber bullying, or sending discriminatory or harassing digital communications is unacceptable.

  • Be kind. When making comments, be respectful of the teacher and other students- show respect for all cultures, opinions, and viewpoints.

  • Be thoughtful in your communication, always using appropriate language in all communications, including, class discussions, email, chat feature posts, texts.

  • If you would like to speak or answer a question, use the on-line class participation features (e.g., Raise Hand feature in Zoom), then un-mute yourself after you are called on by your teacher. 

Be Responsible

  • Participate every day, be on time and present during the entire class session.

  • Use the chat feature to contribute and show engagement, following teacher directions for its use.

  • Wear appropriate clothing following your school dress code while on video class meetings.

  • Communicate with your teacher (or school)  if you are having any issues or need help.

Be Safe

  • Practicing cyber safety includes not making your profile public, not speaking to strangers, not sharing personal information, and not sharing your camera or photos.

  • Follow all LBUSD Technology Use Guidelines (Administrative Regulation 6163.4).

  • Audio or video-recording with any technology (i.e., cellphones, cameras, recorders and/or computer features) is prohibited unless there is prior approval from everyone involved as per California Education Code 51512.

  • Bullying, explicit or discriminatory (including hate and bias) language or actions are unacceptable. Report any bullying or inappropriate behavior to your teacher or school staff. Any student violating district or school-wide behavior expectations will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

As a general rule, any items or activities prohibited on school grounds or at a school sponsored activity will not be allowed during online instruction. More specifically, students may not display, show or brandish illegal items or weapons, including knives and guns during distance learning.  Online instruction is a formal school environment and students remain obligated to obey the school rules, even when joining from off-campus.  Displaying any such items in a distance learning context is strictly prohibited.  These rules are designed to protect the student, others around them and to help each class stay focused on the important task of learning.